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Speed enforcement system

Speed enforcement system can be defined as a distributed hardware-software system, which incorporates the following components:
- traffic violation processing centre (VPC), city of Minsk;
- road-distributed speed sensors;
- road-distributed Control & Penalty Management Offices.

The speed sensors and other public order monitoring sensors are designed for:
- Traffic violation control and registration;
- Data burst with information about traffic violations;
- Violations data transfer to the Traffic Violation Processing Centre.


The Traffic Violation Processing Centre deals with the following functions:
1. Receiving violations data from speed sensor and storing the same with the Centre’s database (database accumulation, archiving, customer service);
2. Traffic and other violations data processing (identification of violators' plate numbers, violation legitimacy control);
3. Formalizing administrative penalty notices (violation legitimacy control and notice processing by police staff);
4. Interaction with Control, Messaging & Penalty Management Offices;
5. Interaction with databases and systems of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs;
6. Interaction with databases and systems of other Belarusian public authorities concerned.

Control, Messaging & Penalty Management Offices are designed for online enforcement of foreign violators of traffic regulations.
The hardware-software system integrated in each Control, Messaging & Penalty Management Office provides automatic detection of traffic violators’ vehicles and immediately transmits the stop-the-vehicle message to the police systems.
As requested by any CMPM Office, the Data Storage & Processing Centre provides online records of all violations on file for the requested vehicle, based on the data provided, the appropriate penalty order is generated automatically and transmitted to multi-currency terminals located at all CMPM Offices. 

Development of the speed photo enforcement system: