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Mission, tasks, functions.

Closed Joint-Stock Company “Safe Roads of Belarus” has been organized for design, construction and operation of the National Photo Enforcement & Traffic Monitoring System at the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In 2012 our first speed photo enforcement system was put into operation. The system integrates a data storage & processing centre with traffic management channel (TMC) equipment, more than 50 permanent speed sensors, as well as other test traffic violation sensors. At the moment, installed more than 300 stationary sensors for monitoring speed.
In addition to managerial staff, more than 100 qualified officers are engaged in six corporate departments, i.e.:
1. Design & Development;
2. IT & Communication;
3. Construction & Operation;
4. Data Processing & Storage;
5. Control, Messaging & Penalty Management;
6. Transport, Procurement & Logistics.
Closed Joint-Stock Company “Safe Roads of Belarus” is reputed to be a systems integrator in the following spheres:
1. Design and construction of automated speed enforcement systems;
2. Design and construction of traffic & public order monitoring systems;
3. Design and construction of security systems for sensitive objects, including seismic and audio sensors application.
While performing the systems integrator functions, Closed Joint-Stock Company “Safe Roads of Belarus” is also engaged in its own research & development programs, i.e.:
1. Data Storage & Processing Centre software;
2. Control, Messaging & Penalty Management database software;
3. Proprietary control sensor development (implementation stage).
Closed Joint-Stock Company “Safe Roads of Belarus” is ready to offer its design, construction and adjustment services for:
1. Automated traffic enforcement systems;
2. Traffic & public order monitoring systems;
3. Security systems, including seismic and audio sensors application.

Own development and production

Software and hardware complexes “RoadEye S01”

CJSC "Safe Roads of Belarus" has developed and manufactured equipment to secure vehicles with recognized state registration plates.
The equipment has successfully passed state tests, on the basis of which the type of measuring instruments was approved - "Software and hardware complexes "RoadEye S01" (hereinafter – SHC "RoadEye S01").
Certificate of conformity SHC "RoadEye S01" No. 13812 dated October 29, 2020.
SHC "RoadEye S01" are intended for the formation of photographic materials with recognized state registration plates of vehicles with display of the current time and location of the SHC.
SHC "RoadEye S01" is manufactured by the CJSC "Safe Roads of Belarus" in the Republic of Belarus (TU BY 191694101.001-2019), registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments under the number RB 03 23 7790 20 and approved for use in the Republic of Belarus from October 29, 2020.


Our employees underwent comprehensive training organized by leading manufacturers of the aforesaid system components; they are well experienced in all stages of high tech project development and implementation and are able to customize both hardware and software to meet any customer and regulatory requirements.