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Date Subject Reference
19.11.2019 “A few years after the accident, she stopped talking, moving.” How Doctors Raise Victims of Traffic Accidents http://tut.by
11.06.2015 Reports of fines for speed will come to the phone http://auto.onliner.by/2010/06/10/speed-86/
11.06.2015 Exceeded - receive SMS: Belarus earn Alert System speed limit http://www.abw.by/news/183006/
27.05.2015 Twenty-eight questions and answers about speed cameras http://auto.onliner.by/2015/05/27/speed-85
25.05.2015 They see everything, you can be sure http://www.sb.by
09.05.2015 Answers to questions about the members of the forum ABW.BY
speed cameras
04.05.2015 Ask questions about the speed cameras! http://auto.onliner.by/2015/05/04/speed-83/
17.04.2015 "Camera! Action!" A day in the life of the person
installing the camera photofixation
14.04.2015 FAQ on speed: call center employees answer typical questions
about speed cameras
23.03.2015 In Grodno region started a regional sector fixing speed violations http://auto.onliner.by/2015/03/23/grodno-61/
05.03.2015 The flash on the left! Report from the Center for fixing
offenses from sending "chain letters"
26.02.2015 Reporting program "Morning" on STV www.ctv.by
12.02.2015 The effect of surprise: speed cameras have reached Province http://auto.onliner.by/2015/02/12/village-speed
12.02.2015 TV and Radio Brest - Mobile Sensor (video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSMfz7o2BlM
10.02.2015 On 09.02.2015 in Brest and Brest region on a permanent basis
working mobile sensors control the speed
09.02.2015 TV and Radio Brest - Road Police action (video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYW6Hg4bk8Y
06.02.2015 In the camera behind the camera! Report from the Court in the case
of the burning of the sensor speed control
06.02.2015 Mobile speed camera in Grodno recorded 230 violations http://autogrodno.by
03.02.2015 Special version UAZ Patriot: see stolen cars and
violations of the markup
28.01.2015 Not a Belarusian one! As foreigners fined for speed http://auto.onliner.by/2011/01/26/speed-78/