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29.07.2020 - Belarusians miss "letters of happiness" from the traffic police. What to do in order not to become a malicious defaulter

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23.01.2020 - “There are toll roads around our street.” How speed cameras save people living near highways

19.11.2019 - “A few years after the accident, she stopped talking, moving.” How Doctors Raise Accident Victims to Their Feet

11.08.2019 - "There was one driver - in two months he was caught on camera 320 times." How drivers of cars with foreign numbers are fined for speed

16.07.2019 - Photofixation cameras are insured, hooligans and vandals are not liable

03.06.2019 - Attacked the speed camera and was detained. The real case caught on video

01.02.2019 - Insurance, parking, fines: a payment service that saves time has been launched

21.09.2018 - In front of an employee: a hooligan knocked down a photographic camera with a running start, after which he disappeared

07.04.2018 - MKAD: speed cameras installed in the area of temporary signs

12.07.2017 - Who breaks the rules by entering the lane for public transport

07.05.2017 - Scorchers in the lens

TV about us:

29.12.2019 - For 10 years, the number of Belarusians killed in traffic accidents has decreased by 3 times. Rescue photofixation cameras?

13.01.2020 - Belpochta delivers hundreds of "letters of happiness" every day, but only 60% of violators pay the fine on time

31.07.2019 - Road speed control. How and where do traffic police officers in Belarus do it?

20.09.2018 - We tried to fool the photo fixation camera with the help of miracle stickers. What happened? ABW.BY

27.07.2018 - Oleg Novitsky appreciated the system of photofixation cameras and their equipment

27.07.2018 - We want to help

10.12.2017 - Is it possible to hide a car number by sealing it with nanofilm? STS investigation

12.07.2017 - Pilot project on photographic fixation of violations has shown its effectiveness

10.05.2017 - News "24 hours"

15.02.2017 - Broadcast of the program "Magistral" on the TV channel "Minsk TV"


- History of creation, tasks and functions
- Contact information
- Own production

- The system of photographic fixation of violations of traffic rules
- Stationary and mobile violation sensors, average speed calculation systems
-- Location map of fixed speed sensors
-- Location map of average speed calculation systems
-- Location map equipment of the traffic flow monitoring system

- Body conducting the administrative process
- Payment of fines for photofixation


Body conducting the administrative process

Department for ensuring the functioning of the system of automatic fixation of offenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:

+375(17)229-75-36, 229-75-38 department for work with individuals;
+375(17)229-75-37 department for work with legal entities;
+375(17)229-75-48 department for work with persons of foreign states.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday.
Working hours: 09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00.


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